Rogue Machine presents the American Premiere of



Rogue Machine Theatre


8pm Saturdays and Mondays, 3pm Sundays through December 30, 2018 (No performances on 10/8, 10/28 at 3pm, 11/12, 11/17, 11/26, 12/1, 12/2, 12/8, 12/9, 12/10, 12/24). Added performances on Fri 10/26, Sun 10/28 at 8pm & Fri 11/2 at 8pm.


Rogue Machine is located in the Electric Lodge, 1416 Electric Avenue in Venice, CA 90291. Tickets are $40. Reservations: 855-585-5185 or at



Press Release

Mark Jacobson, Kenney Selvey, James Liebman, Brewster Parsons, and Zachary Grant

Michael Redfield, Daniel Shawn Miller, Rick Garrison, and Brady Richards

 Miranda Wynne, Landon Tavernier, Kirsten Kollender, and Jason Chiumento

 Michael Redfield, Dan Via, Rachel Avery, James Liebman, Jennifer Pollono, and Mark Jacobson

Kirsten Kollender and James Liebman


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