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At a dysfunctional tech startup, a woman desperate for a job tries to overcome her hellish anger management problem and get along with her buggy coworkers, human and otherwise.


“All-around fabulous cast..plenty to keep the audience amused” - Stage Scene LA


"Every actor presented a standout performance...the show to catch for laughs and some food for thought”- Discover Hollywood


 “Intriguing and certainly timely” - SplashMags


“Consistently amusing. All the performances are expert and funny” - Stage Raw

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Photos by Peter Carrier

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pigs and chickens photo

Andy Shephard, Poonam Basu, Sharon Freedman, Anil Margsahayam, Christopher Reiling, and Lizzie Peet

pigs and chickens photo

Sharon Freedman, Poonam Basu, and Lizzie Peet

pigs and chickens photo

Christopher Reiling and Sharon Freedman


pigs and chickens photo
pigs and chickens photo

Sharon Freedman, Andy Shephard, and Anil Margsahayam

pigs and chickens photo

Don Cummings and Sharon Freedman


Lizzie Peet Sharon Freedman and Christopher Reiling


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