Skylight Theatre presents

The Madres


Skylight Theatre



“Very smart script. Incredibly strong performances. Mesmerizes” – Broadway World


“TOP TEN - An exemplary cast...a harrowing, gut-wrenching climax” - Stage Raw


"Poignant and powerful” - Splash Mags


“A must see...beautiful, moving play” - Los Angeles Beat

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Photos by Ed Krieger

Natalie Llerena and Arianna Ortiz

Denise Blasor and Gabriel Romero

Arianna Ortiz, Alexander Pimentel, and Denise Blasor



Natalie Llerena, Gabriel Romero, and Alexander Pimentel

Arianna Ortiz, Natalie Llerena, Denise Blasor, and Alexander Pimentel

Alexander Pimentel, Gabriel Romero, Arianna Ortiz, Denise Blasor, and Natalie Llerena


Arianna Ortiz and Denise Blasor


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