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“Be anything but a baker” became the echoing advice
that defined John II’s upbringing. Raised in a tight-knit Italian American family he was well aware,
by age 7, of the leading role he would fill in the generational business that his grandfather built in
1923. Embracing the part, he’s anxious to carry the torch until, in an instant, life changes. As John II
grapples with the legacy of his family’s bakery which is now the cornerstone of their community,
and the unspoken dreams that will shape his life, the young man discovers one of the greatest secrets
in life, transcending far beyond the flour-dusted countertops and aroma of freshly baked bread.

“Confident that I’d found my path early in life, I wanted nothing more than to be just like my father.
What he wanted, was for me be nothing like him,” remembers Colella. “Our family business in
Chicago, Claudio Pastry, was the center of my universe but I wrestled with expectations that came
with that heirloom, especially when I better understood the sacrifices made by the last two
generations and how my dad gave up his own dreams at age of 17 so that we could have a chance to thrive in this country. Most of us would probably prefer to build a future through a nice safe plan, but
it’s the unpredictable moments and unexpected sources that shape our destinies in the most profound ways.” John Colella 

Step behind the curtain and join us for “It’s Only a Show” – a warm tribute to the legendary Charles Nelson Reilly. Created and performed by Paul Linke, who worked alongside Mr. Reilly for almost a decade as co-author and director of “Save It for the Stage”. Together, they took Charles’s fantastic life stories around the country, sharing his comic genius with audiences in Florida, California, San Francisco, New York, and his former home state of Connecticut.
Directed by Edward Edwards, this production is more than just a play – it’s a journey through laughter, lessons, and the magic of the stage. Paul Linke, known for his roles in “CHiPs,” “Judging Amy,” and the acclaimed Solo shows Time Flies When You’re Alive, an HBO Showcase (Ace Award nominee),” invites you to an evening of heart, humor and the enduring spirit of a true mentor.

Victoria was an important person in Ecuador. Now broke, disgraced and separated from her son, she is determined to get back home and regain what she lost. Glenn worked his way from low income housing to the verge of closing the biggest deal of his impressive finance career. But is business success what he’s really chasing? 

Middle of the World means you cannot be in two places at once. You must choose. And when you choose, it means giving something up. What are they willing to sacrifice? For power, for principles and for love?

On a night in NYC, when Glenn steps into Victoria’s Uber, the course of both their lives will change in an instant.

Siblings Bo and Ally are back in their childhood home in Idaho for the funeral of their father. Their mother Carol has painted the whole house white and is suspected to have been drinking since their father’s death. What Ally and Bo come to find out is that their mother has a method to her madness as she pulls out some home videos of their father just before he died. Called a fusion between realism and the absurd, A Permanent Image is a tense exploration of the distance families put between themselves, and what it takes to bring them back together.