A play about love, hope, and redemption. Award winning Welsh playwright Daf James has crafted a story around a young couple’s dreams of adopting. When an unforeseen turn of events upends their goals, plans must be adjusted. Life is tough, but even the worst of it can be laugh out loud funny.

Shared walls. Shared experiences. Neighbors in a Los Angeles apartment building are forced into tighter quarters and the walls of their comfort begin to close in. What happens when these relationships get too close? Are we beholden to each other?


“Having a dream is like running with scissors.”

Harley, a singer-songwriter whose wife is expecting their first child, has decided to hang it up. On his way to pawn his guitar, he stumbles across the bar where his musical hero, Floyd Whitaker, died. Entering, he finds Johnson, the inhospitable bartender, and a single, surly customer, known as Preacher, who’s strumming the blues on an old guitar. Dueling words and songs ensue, dislodging uncomfortable truths, until an unexpected arrival turns everything on its ear.


When a teenage Andy Warhol finds himself in the basement of a working class bar in Pittsburgh, PA, he discovers inspiration, guidance and friendship from a surprising source.